Remember When England Would Force Underage Girls, At Airports, To Prove They Were Virgins By Inserting Fingers Into Their Vaginas… And Then Sometimes Hold Them, Hostage, For Days

Virginity testing involves visual inspection of the hymenal membrane by a medical professional who often has to insert two fingers to assess the size of the vaginal opening.

This practice was largely used on predominantly immigrant women coming into the United Kingdom.

Women were often left bleeding and traumatized at airports after immigration and medical officers forced newly arrived female immigrants to be tested to make sure they were virgins.

Underage girls were being forced into offices with strangers and held down while men probed their vaginas for evidence of virginity.

Women were held for days (sometimes a week). Until the onsite airport or government office doctors had a better understanding of their virginity status.

Where this gets even more monstrous:

Virginity repair surgery was a real procedure to restore purity to women. This assures the husband that they are getting an untouched product that is pure.

Virginity repair surgery and virginity testing are now illegal in England and Wales as of 2021.

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