Horse Diving Was Once Popular In The US And Could Cause Blindness

Horse diving was a popular attraction in the United States from the late 1800s to the end of the Second World War.

The platforms were nearly twice as high as the tallest Olympic diving board.

Diving doesn’t come naturally to horses. Diving horses suffered internal organ damage, bone fractures, bruising, and injuries to the legs and spine.

The riders also suffered from broken bones, bruising and blindness. The most famous being Sonora Webster Carver who was blinded by retinal detachment, due to hitting the water off balance with her eyes open, while diving her horse.

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  1. I will simply never understand people being cruel to animals.

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    • You Stated — “I will simply never understand people being cruel to animals.”

      My Response — In this case, it made them money, sad but true. The love of money overrules the love of animals in America (and people).

      If they don’t value human life above money then nothing else stands a chance.

      Just saying

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