In 1950 A Tire Was Made That Could Travel Over Almost Any Terrain, Save Lives, Reduce Global Warming, Reduce Oil Needs, Save ECO Systems, And Save Billions Of Dollars

Invented by William Albee in 1950.

This tire does not need concrete highways or streets which greatly increase temperatures and damage local ecosystems.

Doesn’t kill a person or animal if it rolls over them.

Can travel over almost any surface.

Using this tire would have reduced the amount of oil needed for rubber production. It takes “approximately seven gallons” of oil to produce a single modern tire and they wear out quickly.

Billions would have been saved over time.

Had we gone with this tire we would have:
  • Reduced global warming
  • Eliminated 80% of infrastructure costs for roads
  • Greatly reduced accidental death from vehicles running over people
  • Improved wildlife survival
  • Greatly reduced eco system disruptions across the world
  • Reduced oil needs globally
  • Had the ability to travel almost anywhere

If we have better solutions why aren’t we using them to solve some of these critical issues?

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