Meet The Woman Who Does Not Feel Pain, Stress, Fear, Anxiety Or Depression And Heals Very Quickly Because Of A Gene Mutation

Her name is Jo Cameron. She has a rare genetic mutation that prevents pain, anxiety, stress, fear, and depression.

She has two gene mutations:

The first mutation is common in the general population and it slows the activity of a gene called FAAH. The gene makes an enzyme that breaks down anandamide, a chemical in the body that is critical for pain sensation, mood, and memory.

The second mutation was a missing section of DNA named FAAH-OUT which has now silenced her FAAH gene.

Where this gets strange:

Because of these two mutations, a natural cannabinoid called anandamide builds up in her body. Cameron has twice as much anandamide as those in the general population.

The one negative side-effect:

The gene mutation causes forgetfulness. She has lived with an elevated level of absent-mindedness.

Would this be a fair trade for you?

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