Meet The Man Who Hasn’t Bathed For Over 60 Years, Eats Dead Animals Off The Ground, And Smokes Dung… All For Good Health

Amoo Hadji is an 80-year-old man living in a small village, in Iran.

He skipped bathing for 60 Years

He felt that being clean would make him sick. He also felt that eating clean food or drink would cause a health risk.

He began to eat mostly rotten meat from dead animals and drank water from an old rusty oil can.

When he needs a haircut, he burns his hair.

He also smoked dung.

For the record:

At age 80, Amoo Hadji beats the life expectancy of your average American Male.

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  1. Must have developed quite an immune system. How bad can it get and humans still survive?

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    • YOu Asked — “How bad can it get and humans still survive?”

      My Answer – I would imagine “very bad” given all the chemicals we ingest but since he was in Iran I doubt the environment was as toxic as here in the states.

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