The Simpsons Predicted The MAGA Coalition And Trump For President Over 4 Years Early

E Pluribus Wiggum” is the Simpsons 10th episode of the nineteenth season, which aired on January 6, 2008.

The theme of the show was to elect an idiot into the presidency to destroy American democracy, mock the news media, and end all current political power held by corrupt politicians.

The town’s greatest idiot, (Ralph Wiggum), is pushed into the spotlight and wins the Republican nomination for the presidential candidate.

Ralph then coins the phrase, “Make this country great again,”.

4 years later in the real world, on January 1, 2012, a group of Trump supporters filed paperwork with the Texas Secretary of State’s office to create the “Make America Great Again Party”.

In the episode, presidential candidate Ralph, also had very similar talking points to what Trump later had when he ran for office. They also had an errily similar talking style, body shape, and each with weird hair.

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  1. So Trump watches the Simpsons? Hah!

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