A Town Where The Majority Of The Population Lives In One Building and There Are No Houses

Whittier, Alaska has a 14-storey building that is home for nearly the entire town. Over 300 people live in the “Begich Towers” complex, which is a former Army barracks that resembles a very large hotel.

It also has the following:

  • Health Clinic
  • Police Station
  • Convenience Store
  • Post Office
  • Church

There is an underground tunnel that runs from the building to the school across the street.

They cannot buy any property to build houses because it is all owned by the railroad but you can own your condo.

In the summer they can go hiking, fishing, jet-skiing, and do glacier tours.

In the winter there is nothing they can do outside due to extreme weather, so they stay indoors. There is a skill hill 20 minutes away if the weather breaks.

Nobody really dates there because they all grew up together and it makes it a bit weird.

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  1. My country has not developed its infrastructure. We are 40 years behind any city in the world. Our roads are like dams. Our historic buildings are decaying and some have been demolished. We maintained nothing. Schools, police station courts, prison. We have to travel to see beautiful places.

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  2. On the bright side: everything is close at hand and you don’t have far to commute by car to reach any of the major amenities.

    On the down side: you’re seldom required to go outdoors and an eviction notice means you have to leave town.

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