Why Is There A 30 Story Windowless Skyscraper In New York With Giant Ventilation Openings Designed To Survive Nuclear Fallout

The building has been renamed by locals as, “33 Thomas Street”. The name is the same as the address.

The building stands 30 stories tall, 550 feet (170 m), in Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, New York City.

  • No windows
  • Protected from nuclear fallout for up to two weeks after a nuclear blast
  • The walls are made from precast concrete panels clad with flame-treated textured Swedish granite
  • Large protruding ventilation openings on the 10th and 29th floors
  • Has it’s own gas supply
  • Has it’s own water supply
  • Average floor height is 18 feet (5.5 m)
  • The floors are designed to carry 200-to-300-pound-force-per-square-foot (9.6 to 14.4 kPa)

It’s said to be currently used for telephone switching and highly secure datacenter space.

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  1. I pity anyone who has to work inside there with no natural daylight. The building might survive a nuclear blast but I wonder if the gas and water supplies are adequately protected from the blast?

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  2. It’s a ginormous mushroom farm. 🙂

    P.S. May I suggest a small correction to your metric conversion? Metric floor load capacities are expressed as kN/m² (kilonewtons per square meter) rather than kPa (which is used to measure atmospheric pressure). The actual numbers themselves, however, remain unchanged.


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