Meet Ruben Enaje The Man Who Has Been Crucified Over 30 Times

During Holy Week in the Philippines, Ruben Enaje allows others to crucify him for Good Friday. It’s part of an Easter tradition where people undergo crucifixions for religion. It attracts thousands of onlookers predominantly in the province of Pampanga, Philippines.

He has been crucified over 30 times. 4 inch nails are driven into both hands and feet. He is lifted up on a wooden cross for around five minutes. When asked why he goes through the pain, he says: “Too many sins, too many sins.”

Penitents carrying wooden crosses and take rests, as needed, on the side of the road. Religious people in the Philippines also commemorate the crucifixion by flogging themselves with wooden whips. First-aid personnel are on standby to help people who collapse from heat, dehydration, or who need wounds treated.

Some wear a portrait of Jesus as they carry a cross during the ceremony.

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  1. You certainly know the moment of reality sitting on the tip of a spike, or in Reubens case, the cross.

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