Violent Baptisms Of Babies Are Becoming Normal

Keep an eye on the parents reactions also.

Priest Slaps Crying Baby

Double Reverse Baby Dunking

Triple Play Super Fast Baby Dunking

Baptism Gone Arone

Mass Baptism

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  1. This is child abuse. Baptism before 18 should be illegal. A contract of membership in anything else in the world is forbidden. Signing people up for a life of religious brainwashing is immoral.

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  2. Another reason I don’t do religion.

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  3. That is so wrong. That is child abuse. You shouldn’t baptise a child that way (head first, repeatedly) as it is traumatic for the baby. I don’t think children should be baptised unless they want to be, unless they make the choice themselves to be baptised and serve Yah/God.

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  4. That’s a bit off. Especially the last one.

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