Your Truth, My Truth, And The Truth… It’s Just A Matter Of Time

So many people want me to understand the truth. They either want me to believe or not believe in something. So many sides seeking my attention. Now hundreds of debates later I have come to a few conclusions.

  • I’m more interested in what people have to hide than in what they want to teach me.
  • I like who people become at the end of an argument far more than who the seem to be at the beginning of one. Good or Bad it’s a more honest version of them.
  • I like to see what people look like when they can’t answer a question. It’s like the silence just before the rain starts.
  • Hard conversations are a breeding ground for new ideas but often at the expense of someone’s sanity.
  • When people make assumptions, it gives you a peak at the script they are reading from.
  • I like strange topics because this is a strange world and we keep pretending it’s not.
  • I like that moment when you take a persons fact and show them it was only an opinion.

But the most important lesson I’ve learned is not to waste time doing something that doesn’t satisfy you. By all means, waste time doing what brings you satisfaction but don’t waste a second on a bad movie, boring conversation, or repeated arguments over the mundane.

I say this because time is not on your side, so don’t waste it.

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  1. Alex Sutton’s quote is thought-provoking for sure.
    Good to see that someone isn’t easily influenced by what people say.

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  2. Keep On Keepin On!!

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  3. That is wonderful thinking. Staying in the now is so tough to do. I need constant reminders from myself just to pay attention.

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  4. I want to thank you for this one. What a fantastic reminder of what is important and where we focus our attention. Sam really nails this one with precision.

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  5. You make some great and valid points, and I really like the first one about what they are hiding being the most important thing!

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