A Fake Arcade Game Became A Conspiracy Of Government Mind Control Over Kids… But Now Private Citizens Are Obsessed With Making The Game Real To Prove It Once Existed… Are We Being Crowdsourced

The games name is Polybius

The game is a persistent urban legend concerning a fictitious 1981 arcade game.

The conspiracy goes like this: A secret government project was started in 1981 as a psychological mind control experiment in Portland, Oregon. Only a few machines were distributed to a select number of arcades. They were said to have been visited periodically by men in black suits to collect game data.

Playing the game produces a psychoactive effect that is highly addictive. Players supposedly suffered from:

  • Amnesia
  • Insomnia
  • Night Terrors
  • Hallucinations

Then one day they all disappeared and were never seen again. No company claimed them and the government denied them.

But here is where it gets crazy:

People have become so obsessed that this game is real and that the government made it that they are using every obscure clue (no matter what the source) to re-make the game in hopes of proving that it’s not a conspiracy.

They are literally trying to make a game that can alter a child’s perception of reality just by playing it.

This is how far they have gotten:

  • A downloadable version online is available for PC’s
  • A version is available for PlayStation 4
  • A Virtual Reality version is available for Quest VR
  • A version is available on Steam
  • Multiple versions have been placed in arcade game machines

See and hear one version being played (very strange game)

But this begs the question:

Can an urban legend become real?

Is it also possible that the government made a myth so irresistible that we now have to make it happen just to scratch an itch?

Are we being crowdsourced to make something that can better control us?

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