Have You Seen The Billion Dollar Pyramid Made By The U.S. Military With A Small Site Next To It That Looks Like A Modern Day Stonehenge

The Nekoma, North Dakota, military base was built in the 1960s to shoot down incoming Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Total end cost was in the billions. It had a multiphase-array radar that would lock onto any ICBM entering Earth’s orbit and then prepare a Spartan missile for intercept. From detection to launch was only six seconds.

  • Silos
  • Radar systems
  • Surface-to-air missiles
  • Thermonuclear warheads

The program was shut down after only three days of full operations and was then flooded out.

The pyramid is just outside the tiny settlement of Nekoma, North Dakota. The site is 15 miles south of Canada and 40 miles west of Minnesota. The closest full-size town is Langdon North Dakota (7 miles north).

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  1. Didn’t know about it. That’s fascinating.

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