Bestiality Is A Common Practice In America So Kids Can Have Milk For Breakfast

  • Cows are restrained in a device called , “The Rape Rack”
  • A human then inserts one arm into the rectum
  • They then insert a device called an Al gun into the cows vagina. The Al gun, which contains bull semen, is pushed in until it reaches the cervix. The semen is then injected into the uterus.

Cows used for dairy production must be impregnated each year because their milk production stops at around the time their calves would naturally stop nursing.

Now for the Bulls

First the handlers manually stimulate the nerves surrounding the prostate and musculature of the pelvis by sticking one arm up to the shoulder inside the rectum of a bull and massaging it.

A large electrified probe is inserted into the rectum of a bull. The handler then continually shocks the cows ass (increasing the electricity setting from lowest to highest) until it either ejaculates or passes out and falls over. Workers can try again after just 15 minutes.

Sometime handlers will also take their hand and masturbate the cows penis to help out.

Humans Impregnating Cows

Electroejaculation Bulls

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