Why Have You Not Heard Of The Black Man Who Rode With Paul Revere

His name was Wentworth Cheswell

He was a member of the “Committee of Safety” organized by Samuel Adams. On the night of the famous ride with fellow patriot Paul Revere, Cheswell took the northern route to New Hampshire to warn the American patriots. Because of his ride, thousands of Minutemen and volunteers arrived in Boston to assist with keeping the British army and navy bottlenecked and trapped.

He also accomplished the following:

  • Became New Hampshire’s first archaeologist
  • First African-American elected to public office in the United States
  • He was an American Revolutionary War veteran
  • He received an extensive education, studying Latin and Greek
  • He was also a school teacher
  • He was elected town selectman
  • He held the office of Auditor
  • He held the office of Assessor
  • He was also the town Coroner for a time
  • And he was the Justice of the peace for a time
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  1. Wow. Did not know that. Thank you!

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  2. His-story that is taught in school does not give the truth justice.

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  3. I had not even heard of Paul Revere. So, I looked him up. Interesting.

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  4. Awesome post Lander. I had no idea. Thanks for informing us.

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  5. Wow. I’m not the most literate on American history (being an Aussie), so I hadn’t heard this. It’s interesting.

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  6. Many people believe that the Democratic Party is for the blacks when quite the opposite is true. Another history error.


  7. If “it” doesn’t fit the agenda – it won’t be taught.

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  8. πŸ’œ Bit like The Lone Ranger and Robinson Crusoe; who were NEVER!!! Really Alone, just with INVISIBLE!!! Indigenous Folk…so, just who ARE The Aliens on THIS PLANET THAT SOME NAME GAIA!!! WHO!!! πŸ€” ?


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    • πŸ’œ Boy Friday and Tonto; visitors and immigrants to This Planet that Some Name Gaia please Respect HER!!! Indigenous Creations who Respect Mother Nature NOT!!! a War Monger, Financially Fixated “God”



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