The BBC TV Show “Spooks” Predicted Major Headlines Before They Happened

The makers of the BBC TV show “Spooks”, MI5 drama, had an uncanny ability to predict the news in advance.

In June 2005, they filmed a train station being bombed by terroristsa month before the same terrible event happened in real life. The episode wasn’t going to be shown since it was so exact but, after a delay, it was released late via a heavily edited version.

The writers of the show had a consistent ability to predict news headlines. Some said that the similarities between the writers and the headlines were “chilling”. 

The production team shot an episode about the cataclysmic effect of a financial meltdown caused by irresponsible bankers, which later that same year became a reality.

In 2003 the team shot an episode that focused on the chaos caused after London was locked down for a state visit by a US President, months before those events occurred in real life when George W Bush arrived in Britain.

The first series in 2002 contained an episode about race riots. Jane Featherstone, the executive producer of ‘Spooks’, stated “at the time it was broadcast, the 10 O’Clock News followed with a story about race riots.”

It was said that there were a frequent number of events on the show that frighteningly seemed to mirror real events in the news.

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