What Is The Modern Purpose Of Changing A Woman’s Name After Marriage

It occurs to me that changing a woman’s name after marriage is wasting time, energy, and money.

We have to pay to change all legal identifications.

We have to pay to change legal documents.

Jobs have to waste time and resources changing account information.

Why are we doing this if we don’t get anything in return, it cost money, wastes time and slows productivity?

I can’t think of any reason it helps to increase survival, increase wealth, or improve health, so why are we doing it?

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  1. If the woman is famous – nothing changes. Nothing at all

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  2. What’s this… no advertising in that magazine? Where is the commercialism? 😉

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  3. Identification of clan/tribe allegiances, associations, authoritys, assemblies.., automatic thoughtless action protocols ugh glitching out of my brain send send dont word or phrase

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  4. What I’d really like to know is “why a diamond ring?” Just gotta spend a month’s salary (or more) for why?

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    • Great point!!! Very interesting, I hadn’t thought about that either.


    • diamond because it is transformed carbon. carbon is the base component of all life as we know it here on here, and thereby diamond is the “highest and strongest” representation of your supposed love for her, but in a crystalised token form. and pretty sure the expectation is to spend 3 months wages on it. this represents the commitment you are making to provide for her for the rest of your lives. so… gotta pay up front, down deposit, son.

      ALTHOUGH, none of these really mean anything, and the diamond thingy is just successful marketing but diamond peddlers to inflate the public’s desire for their product.

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  5. Why? Tradition — the bugbear of all rituals that continue on long after their original purpose has ceased to exist.

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    • But the question is why keep this one, marriage is changing but the last name thing isn’t even being talked about

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      • Follow the money. The whole enterprise is geared towards lining the pockets of wedding planners, printers, florists, jewelers, bridal salons, tuxedo rentals, banquet halls, caterers, photographers, bake shops, limo drivers, clergy (or JPs) and the honeymoon industry. Compared to all those things, paying to change your name is a drop in the bucket.

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  6. Yeah, I’ve been thinking similar recently. I think part of the reasoning is that the family has one surname; but, in that case, it doesn’t have to be the female that changes the name.

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  7. I hear that it makes travel easier. When the woman’s surname is different from her children’s surname she has to carry extra paperwork (birth certificates, etc) to prove at the border that she is not kidnapping random kids and carrying them to abroad to sell them, but the kids are hers. (Travel between the UK and Europe.)
    I hear that it makes easier to deal with school-related administration. If the woman’s surname is different from her children’s name, especially if she is not married to her children’s father, both parents have to turn up when a decision about the children has to be made. (UK)
    So going through all the paperwork once makes life easier in the long run.
    It has a practical application.

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    • Still a bit strange that the government’s can track tax id numbers no matter what a persons name is Oo

      Maybe the tax department should share the secret as to why names aren’t a problem for them with travel departments

      Just saying

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  8. It’s even stranger when you look into the origin of women changing their name upon marriage – which is quite disturbing.

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  9. The official marriage is supposed to be a sign of commitment, but really it’s a sign of distrust from the get-go.
    As you can see, combining tribes with a name change is only as long as they’re together. It’s all phony

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