Fact: Baby Foreskins Are Being Used To Remove Face Wrinkles But You Might Be Ok With It

Popular face creams designed to remove wrinkles often have a secret ingredient that may cross a line with some people. They often contain baby foreskin fibroblasts.

Fibroblasts are common human cells that secrete collagen proteins, which maintain skin structure and help to heal wounds.

The cells do come from the foreskin of human babies but companies can take one sample (1 foreskin) and grow it in the lab continually allowing for a constant supply of new cells.

With that said: The babies don’t have an option to say no. As a child grows into an adult, they are not receiving any income from their own cells, that are making millions for corporations. It could also go against their future religion.

Are you against this? Is it unethical?

Try this on for size: Foreskin fibroblasts are also used to help treat burn victims, help cover diabetic ulcers, are also used as growth hormones. In other words, they save lives.

Do you still believe it is unethical?

Try this on for size: Can you trust greedy corporations with babies? Are they doing anything else with the cells? Whose babies are used and were the parents told?

Good and Bad are complicated but maybe you have a simple way of looking at this.

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  1. I think modern science is fascinating, and I’m not TOO freaked out about using fibroblasts that originated from babies. However, I’m not okay if parents aren’t told. Babies at that point don’t care. Parents may say, “If my child’s cells can help save a burn victim, sure,” then I’m okay with it. But if parents don’t know, then that doesn’t sit well with me.

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  2. It’s a bit like animal experiments, they can be very gruesome, but without I would be dead or at least blind. So I’m not totally against it…

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