Two Unrelated People Given The Same SSN Find Out They May Be The Same Person

Patricia Ann Campbell

A computer error gave two women in America the same social security number. When the two women were brought together to rectify the mistake they discovered the following:

  • They had both been given the same name by separate parents
  • Both of their fathers were called Robert Campbell
  • Both had the same birthday 13th March 1941
  • Both married military men in the year 1959
  • Both had two children aged 19 and 21
  • Both had worked as book-keepers
  • They both had an interest in oil painting
  • Both had studied cosmetics

Just how many of you are out there?

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  1. Wow. Did you happen to see the documentary “Three Identical Strangers”? Triplets at 20 discovering each other? You might find it interesting.

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  2. Wow. Another one of those kind of weird cases.

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  3. That is very strange and weird – especially since they weren’t related.

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  4. Love stories such as this one – thanks for sharing!

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  5. Maybe one of the women is a very thorough identity thief?


    • That’s a great possibility that I had not thought of!!!

      Caught in the act but not giving up.

      If a person knows they look like you then they can literally become you, somewhere else. A possible doppleganer exposed, but to into her role to let it go.

      Very possible.

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      • It happened to my brother. The only way he found out was they took out a business loan in his name which is also his companies name.

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        • It could explain dopplegangers in general if you think about it.

          I did a post on doubles once that proved there are multiple people in the world that look like you, but what if a number of them were up to no good?

          It’s very possible that once they become aware of a double that they take advantage of the situation and drain resources off that person.

          More things to protect ourselves from Jim.

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          • What’s interesting in this case is the creditors can’t decide what to do. They took a loan on my brothers business and they are paying it monthly. Essentially used his credit history to better their situation. Or, maybe the cost of not getting caught, but it will take an arbitrator at some point. The offender is in Wisconsin, my brother in Washington. Each has a compelling/believable argument.

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  6. I found out years ago by trying to open a bank account that someone else had my name and social security number. It was investigated and was resolved without me ever getting to meet that other me. Would have been interesting knowing that person but we were moving overseas so no time to personally investigate her.

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