Children Being Born Today Will Never See The Night Sky From Earth The Way It Was For Millions Of Years

The older generation of adults, currently walking the Earth, are the last generation of mankind that have seen the night sky the way it was for millions of years.

We used to deploy one satellite into space at a time but now we have a new process that deploys 300 or more with each rocket sent up.

Where this means the end to stargazing:

Bright satellites not only look like stars but they also make it hard to see actual stars in the night sky due to light saturation.

Children being born now will never see what the true night sky looks like from Earth. As we move forward even the zodiac’s will be hard to find, at some point.

  • There are over 3,000 satellites in orbit currently
  • Over 300 are Starlink satellites
  • Starlink satellites are brighter than most of them
  • SpaceX has received approval for 12,000 Starlink satellites
  • SpaceX is seeking approval for 30,000 additional satellites

Also keep in mind that there is always competition. Other companies are going to follow in Elon’s footsteps and put their own 30,000 satellites in space.

Most satellites are deployed via private companies and most satellite debris is trapped in orbit, because there are no services to clean them up.

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