Windows 11 Has Been Released But It’s Not For Everyone, Here Is How To Know If You Can Have It… Oh, And It Plays Android Apps :)

Windows 11 is about to be released and it’s a free upgrade if you already own Windows 10.


Only if you pass the Windows 11 Test, which you can download for free, from Microsoft. Click Here to go to Microsoft’s Windows 11 Website or Click Here if you just want the test to run without looking for it. If you fail the test go to the bottom of this post for a possible way to fix that without spending money.

  • Highlights:
    • The new OS is 64bit only
    • More Secure
      • Has built in security from the chipset up to the OS
    • Built in Windows Teams
    • Supports Android Apps through the Amazon Android App Store only
    • Supports DirectX 12 Ultimate (Better Gaming)
    • Better multitasking
      • Snap Layouts
      • Multiple Separate Desktops

Here is Microsoft’s official video on Windows 11.

Here is some direct feedback on Windows 11.

If you fail the test this might fix it quickly.

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