Have You Seen These Very Odd Parodies Of Famous Historic People Having Rap Battels With Each Other

I came across this very strange site of famous people who were parodied and then pitted against each other in a battel of rapping. I find the creative nature of it to be very entertaining but highly charged (no matter what side you are on) regarding race, religion, culture and politics.

With that said: Be warned! If you are allergic to foul language and easily offended by others talking about your political, cultural, or religious beliefs, then I strongly suggest that you do not listen to any of these.

You may be suffering from a condition where you shed frozen water droplets and your epidermis only has four cell layers.

Joe Biden VS Donald Trump

Steven Spielberg VS Alfred Hitchcock

Dr. Seuss VS William Shakespeare

Western Philosophers VS Easter Philosophers

William Wallace VS George Washington

Barack Obama VS Mitt Romney

Steve Jobs VS Bill Gates

Mr T VS Mr Rogers

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