Women Cutting Off The Tips Of Their Fingers And That Of Their Children To Mourn The Dead

When a person dies in the Dani Tribe of New Guinea every woman close to the deceased will cut off a portion of a finger. This is a typical mourning practice for women in the tribe. The practice also applies to female babies so the mothers bite off the tips of their children’s fingers in a similar ritual.


This practice has been going on for generations and was declared illegal by the government but ignored by the tribe. The practice is mostly inflicted on women, but some older men have an option to participate.


On some rare occasions, male and female mourners may elect to also chop off an ear or cover themselves in river sludge and go weeks without bathing.

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    • The result of people following something blindly without questioning it. Always challenge what you believe, if its true it will survive the challenge. Truth sets you free. These poor women choose to believe simply because the last generation believed.

      But what if they believed for bad reasons?

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  1. Sick and sad. (Actually, it directly contradicts the Bible’s command not to cut yourself for the dead.)

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  2. That is their way …their society.
    Who are we to (gasp) judge?

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  3. Suddenly, my finger started shivering 😂

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  4. That’s one way of giving you the finger.. where’s the pickle jar?

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