Is this Evil Or Is This Complicated Humor? If You Laugh Are You Evil?

Saturday Night Live waited until the final half-hour of its final episode of the season to air its darkest sketch. There is nothing safe about the skit, “World’s Most Evil Invention”, but it did cause laughter from the audience. The network decided to employ one of the most popular celebrities in America, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, to test the audience’s limits for politically incorrect humor.

So this begs the question:

Are the people laughing “sick evil monsters” or is humor complicated?

Is humor above morality? Is a joke just a joke or did they go too far? Do some people have, the green light, to say jokes that others are not allowed to speak? You will have to decide if this crosses a line that should never be crossed.

Be warned!! This is Taboo humor and is not for the faint.

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  1. Humor is complicated. And whoever the comedian is can complicate it I even more. I don’t think joe Biden could’ve pulled this one off like the Rock.

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  2. I was thinking that they just want to point out that child abuse is the most evil thing that you can commit.

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