Did Antifa Attack The Capital Or Did The MAGA Coalition

The Evidence:

The capitol riot was filmed, by the very same people who breached it.

They also uploaded footage to multiple social media websites.

Body cam footage was also recorded by police.

Security cameras were also actively filming the attack.

All phones on the capitol grounds were GPS tracked.

Fingerprints, DNA, hair, urine, and feces was also collected from offices.

Notes left by attackers with threats were collected.

Law enforcement communications were recorded as eyewitness testimony.

The Investigation:

Several government agencies, private contractors, corporate entities, private citizens, and news agencies began full deep dives into all the data:

  • Cell Phones:
    • Dumped all the cell phone video and photo footage (shared or not) (deleted or not)
    • Downloaded all cell phone tower geo location data. Mapped the movement of each person at the capitol to determine where, when and for how long they were on site (very accurate data)
    • Traced all in coming and out going calls and text messages, allowing them to instantly see each persons network of contacts.
  • Social Media
    • Downloaded all social media footage and ran facial recognition software.
    • Downloaded all social media posts (full history) for each person from each social media site they were listed on. Even sites that were thought to be private and secure. Even if they deleted the site or posts on it.
    • Downloaded all social content of related friends and family
  • Profile
    • They then built a profile for each person based on a lifetime of social media posts, comments, text messages, friends, associations, emails and group affiliations.
  • Timeline
    • They then built a timeline for each person based on all their travel, bank records, credit cards, GPS data and geo tagging.
  • Prosecution
    • Nearly 500 people have been identified and charged

They now know more about the people who attacked the capitol than their own family and friends know.

The amount of data and video footage is overwhelming so, I have prepared some samples to give you an idea of what was happening that day and who was behind it.

These are the sections:

  • Section One: “The mental state” — a few very short videos from the direct viewpoint of the attackers, letting you hear what they were thinking in their own words.
  • Section Two: “Crowd Threats” — a few short videos from crowds yelling while they attack the capitol.
  • Section Three: “Attack Timeline” — One short video mapping out the area, flow of the crowd, and time stamps.
  • Section Four: “Militant Groups Identified” — a few short videos that identified the groups that planned coordinated attacks on the capitol.
  • Section Five: “Arrest After Arrest” — a few short videos describing the arrest being made around the country.

Just one of many requests made to Maga people before that day, this one from a congress woman:

Section One: “The mental state”
Section 2: “Crowd Threats”

The officer that died was injured in this footage (many others hospitalized)


Reply to @philschaend they protested🤷🏿 No one threatened to kill Robbers or smashed, broke into anything. It was about abortion rights, inter alia

♬ original sound – Da’ Tinman
Section 3: “Attack Timeline”
Section Four: “Militant Groups Identified”

The Proud Boys supported Trump the entire time he was in office and state that they took everything he said to heart and went to the capitol to support their president by stopping the final vote count in congress to save America.

The Oath Keepers also stated that they fully trusted Trump and went to, “Stop the Steal”

The QAnon Followers stated that Trump was here to save humanity because the deceased John F. Kennedy Jr. told them so. They had to come to save the future of America.

Many Confederate followers and Neo Nazis were there to support the president.

Section Five: “Arrest After Arrest”

These rioters made chemical weapons and sprayed them in the eyes of the police.

These rioters came with Zip Ties to take hostages and kidnap people.

These rioters came in military combat gear for a fight.

Beating police officers (killing one and sending others to the hospital).

And then there are the people who planned it on film:

There you have it, come to your own conclusion.

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This guy said it was Antifa even though his son broke in.

Even Alex Jones is admitting that this QAnon thing is fake news

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