Kids Say And Draw Some Of The Creepiest Things

When I was in my teens, I played this game where I would ask kids (5 to 7), “How many people are in the room?”, and after they told me I would ask them to point to each person they could see. It was a great game because most of the time they pointed at more people than I could see (creepy fun)

One day I asked a family member (age 5) the same question. She looked around gave a count and pointed to everyone I could see and then up in the far corner of the ceiling. I laughed but then decided to ask a new question, “What is the person’s name?”.

She gave me a name I never heard before, so I asked my mom if she knew anyone with that name and she said it was a family member that passed away years before I was even born. She asked me where I heard the name, so I told her, and she looked at me with the most horrified expression and demanded I never play that game again. So I didn’t.

It occurred to me to search the web and see if anyone else had creepy experiences with kids seeing or saying things… I wasn’t disappointed

Below are a few of my favorites, Enjoy

I was hiking alone in the woods with my son who was 7. It was eerie quiet. Out of nowhere he says “The woods demand a sacrifice.”

Why are you crying?
“Bad man”
What bad man?
“There.” Points behind me at a dark corner of the room.
Lamp on bookshelf next to said darkened corner falls off as soon as I turn to look.
She slept in our bed that night.

Getting my two and a half year old daughter out of the bath one night, my wife and I were briefing her on how important it was she kept her privates clean. She casually replied “Oh, nobody ‘scroofs’ me there. They tried one night. They kicked the door in and tried but I fought back. I died and now I’m here.” She said this like it was nothing.

When my son was little, maybe 3, he used to do this weird crawl where he would slide his forehead along the floor. That was pretty creepy in itself. Then one night he crawled across the hallway into my room like that and stood up a few inches from my face and made a weird meow sound. He got into bed with me and went to sleep.

My five year old adopted little sister has a game she would play, where we would pretend to go around to people’s houses and take their children. Once we rounded up enough we would eat them, violently and maliciously. This was her idea, through and through. The name of the game? Social worker.

“So I shouldn’t throw him in the fire?”
Three-year-old daughter holding her baby brother for the first time.

When my daughter was 3 she woke up one morning looking rough. I asked if she slept okay and she said, “No! Popaw Mike kept me up all night pinching my toes!” My dad, her Popaw Mike, passed away 8 years before she was born and that’s how he used to wake my brother and I up when we were little.

When I was a waitress, I watched a little girl (4ish) stab her plastic fork into her sandwich repeatedly, saying “die die die die die die”. When I asked her what she was doing (her mom was in the bathroom for a minute), she replied with a straight face, “I like to kill things, but mom says I shouldn’t. So I picked the ham because it can’t scream.”

When I was a waitress, I watched a little girl (4ish) stab her plastic fork into her sandwich repeatedly, saying “die die die die die die”. When I asked her what she was doing (her mom was in the bathroom for a minute), she replied with a straight face, “I like to kill things, but mom says I shouldn’t. So I picked the ham because it can’t scream.”

My daughter said to me that there is a woman who watches her watch movies in her room and sleeps on the ceiling above her bed when she sleeps. she also says it does not like me and wants to eat my heart. 

“We’re all gonna die.”
“I know sweetie. That’s just part of-“
“You’re gonna die tomorrow.”

If the unknown can’t also be fun at times then what’s the point 😉
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  1. Good stories Lander. I got a chuckle out of them.

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  2. Oh, yeah. Kinda familiar with this. I only have two paternal first cousins. One is 12 years younger and the other is 17 years younger…both male. The older one has a daughter that is about six and she’s been talking to my deceased Grandmother since she was old enough to talk. My aunt & uncle routinely hear footsteps upstairs when no one is up there. I’m under the impression that she, my GM, is talking to the daughter, her great-granddaughter because she died before she was born. As her oldest grandchild, I never had any children so, she didn’t get any greats. We knew the little girl was talking to my GM because she used her nickname…something she would never have heard on her own.

    The other cousin, in discussions about his brother’s daughter, admitted to me two years ago that he had been talking to dead relatives since he was little. One was our GM’s older brother and the other one was our GMs Dad. Both had been dead for two years before he came along.

    One very curious conversation he shared with me had him confused. He said it occurred when he was a teen. He said that GM’s older brother had told him “if you have a daughter, don’t treat her like [name] did”. This was a direct referral to MY Dad. When my cousin asked me “who is that?”, I had to inform him that the name he was used to using for my Dad was his first name. My deceased great uncle had used my Dad’s middle name, which was what he went by when he was younger. I also had to further explain to him that my Dad wasn’t a very good Dad to me, something he wouldn’t have known since I was 16/17 years old when he showed up. Needless to say, I was rather surprised that my deceased great uncle was not happy with what happened to me…and decided to say something about it…from the other side…to my cousin, no less.

    I wasn’t surprised in the slightest that he or his older brother’s daughter had abilities. I remember stories being told of relatives’ premonition dreams coming true and my Dad had some premonition dreams. I’ve had some interesting things happen to me. Makes me wonder if I saw stuff when I was younger and just don’t remember.

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  3. For everyone who commented, I have a serious question. Not trying to be a smartass. But…
    Do you think they get bored watching our mundane live? Watching us shit, masturbate, fart in our sweatpants etc… other embarrassing things we do in the privacy of our homes. Their demonic lives must really suck if they are made to watch us do all of this and more. I don’t envy them.

    If they want “action” they are forced to rape, they never know or feel actual love.

    Like the mythical gods of Greek mythology. They were supposed to be immortal, so they never learned the power of death. The motivation of death aids is in feeling love and witnessing beauty.

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  4. I think my comment went to your spam


  5. I have a friend that said there was a man in his room every night til he was about 5 years old. Then one day he just walked out the door and down the hall and never came back. Musta got bored or something, or the neurons finally fixed their twitch.

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  6. My youngest was three years old when he told a lady I had six kids. I corrected him and said three and he said no, I had three kids here and three in Heaven. I had three miscarriages but it wasn’t something that was ever discussed for him to have heard. Then there was the red eyed man story I blogged about. Over 20 years later that still makes me cold thinking about it

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