29 Babies Had Needles Stuck Into Their Spines For A Science Experiment And Then Given Brandy To Stop Them From Crying

In the 1890’s, Dr. Arthur Wentworth performed the first spinal tap operation on a two-year-old with tuberculous meningitis. The terrifying experimental operation on the toddler was so horrific that he gave the child injections of brandy to stop the screams.

He went on to perform similar experiments on 28 more babies in the name of science. The “need to know” was the excuse used to justify the research.

29 children, in a children’s hospital, were turned into guinea pigs just to see if it would be harmful or not.

What unanswered questions remain to be tested and how are scientist getting the answers?

What can’t be done in the name of science?

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  1. Hopefully, Dr Wentworth stopped because someone stuck a needle in his spine.


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