Ten Videos Of Police Violently Assaulting Senior Citizens… At Times Breaking Bones, Bragging, and Laughing

Police violently pull a 68 year old woman out of her vehicle by her hair

Police laughing about breaking a 73 year old woman’s shoulder

87 Year Old Woman Tased and surrounded by 3 large police officers

75 Year old man shoved to the ground by Police

Pepper Sprayed an 84 year old woman

76 year old grandmother slammed to the ground

Elderly Veteran with cane shoved to the ground face first

69 year old man assaulted by police

Police Dog rips into elderly woman’s arm while police pull on her other arm

70 Year old woman assaulted at her home by police unit

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  1. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely when you class yourself as untouchable!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. It is chilling.

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  3. This is awful. I can’t “like” this post. I read it, and I watched two videos, but as a senior citizen myself, I had to stop.

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  4. Sick! I don’t understand it. But I am also not into watching videos capturing it either.

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  5. Appreciate this blog poost

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