A Woman Learned That The Ghost Haunting Her Was Really Science Trying To Kill Her: This Information Could Save Your Life

This is a short video that examines the paranormal reaction of one woman as she struggles with religious and spiritual beliefs during her encounter with a haunting in her home.

She eventually discovers the cause of the haunting and how powerful science is when a person is not well informed. Knowing could save your life… it saved hers.

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  1. She made a career out of it. 100% are explainable phenomenon.


  2. I think of ghosts as just another type of energy. If it’s “strong” enough, it could ’cause harm. Everything is energy. We can’t deny that.

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    • You Stated — “We can’t deny that.”

      My Response — I think we can deny anything, and it’s healthy to do so as often as possible.

      In this case the individual made an assumption that it was a ghost but in the end it was a deadly gas.

      Everyone makes assumptions based on programmed perceptions and bias but I think we would live better lives if we kept our minds open to that which defies our beliefs. Investigate the opposition and see if there are other possibilities that offer a solution.

      In this case the woman in the video did just that and it saved her life.

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  3. I agree. I actually wasn’t talking about her but was deviating into the topic of ghosts in general and the fact that energy and vibration make up our reality. But yeah, if someone says,
    “I’m being haunted by a ghost,” the first thing I wouldn’t think would be oh my god! I’d want details and to hear what the investigation came up with first. Excuse me for being unclear.

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  4. Yes! I love your clown car analogy as related to photons. That really worked for my brain!

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    • I used to go to the circus (when I was younger) and I remember when I started studying quantum mechanics how insane reality is on a small scale, It just doesn’t make logical sense, and then it occurred to me how much it reminded me of the clowns that performed those weird tricks (like half clown / half magician). They defied logic also.

      It’s also an easy way to remember quantum behavior. Like a fast cheat sheet.


      • Yeah, I’m big on cheat sheets. Anything to help me understand better, ’cause math and science are not my forte.
        I can only imagine what you’ve intuited about reality with a knowledge of quantum mechanics. When you say “how insane reality is on a small scale,” do you mean things like how the atom looked exactly how we had imagined it, almost like it formed itself to our beliefs, if I remember correctly? And there was some experiment with light…and it came through an opening where it never should have been able to come through….
        Things like that?
        Or even weirder?

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        • I would say it’s all weird, much like the things you pointed out, but also for small discoveries like, most of what we are is just empty space.

          We feel solid but none of the atoms are touching. Think about the fact that you have literally never actually touched anyone… ever.

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