Kicked In The Back And Beaten By Police For Complying

This footage a user uploaded to TikTok is a prime example of why some people see “some local police” as a hostile military force that opposes civil rights, freedoms and the constitution.

Where I’m perplexed… why can’t I find this footage on any religious or conservative media resource I visit? This video clearly provides evidence for most of what conservatives say about a police state and constitutional violations. So it begs the question… why can’t you find this footage on popular conservative channels? Why is the religious arm not outraged by this clear act of immorality? Why is the political arm not outraged by the constitutional violations? This would be an easy win for conservative media… am I missing something?

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  1. Where is the outrage over the black football player, that slaughtered a WHOLE, white family?? Why aren’t we rioting in the streets, looting, and destroying things? No, better yet, WHY are innocent Patriots being held for trespassing, at the MOST, over Jan. 6 capital bldg. While all these THUGS burn cities down.


    • So are you saying that there can be no conservative outrage over this citizen having his constitutional rights violated because a black football player murdered someone outside of his race?

      Interesting perspective, I hadn’t tied abuse of the constitution directly to race. If I understand you correctly, if any person, of any race, commits a crime, then that person invalidates the constitution for that entire race.

      I think this is a counter productive way of approaching the problem but it is fair. From your perspective no one is worthy of constitutional rights until society is free from crimes against humanity.

      Fascinating but fair.


  2. Clearly these are not violations of the rights of people that matter to the conservatives. Since the bible confirms that the white man is superior (?) and so many American States are now rewriting laws to reflect that only the Master Race should have the vote, hopefully soon everyone will know their proper place in society. Let’s hope the day never comes when the minorities no longer have representation in Government. America is already on it’s way to becoming the pariah of the World.

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    • Interesting take on the topic, so from your perspective the entire thing is a grab for white supremacy.

      There are many that would argue against your hypothesis but I would counter that they can’t fully dismiss your viewpoint because even if the reason is different than what you stated, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

      That’s the rub, either way they both equal the same thing.

      I myself don’t believe it’s a white supremacy issue but I do acknowledge that it produces a privileged society for many white people (mostly men).

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      • White supremacy, anti-immigration, a wish to preserve the Christian fundamentalist supremacy. All are issues of the Conservatives to a degree. But, from the news we get in my country and that gleaned from American friends it appears that the Police have endemic racism throughout the force which seems to be borne out by the number of killings of PoC in the safe knowledge that many officers won’t even be charged. More often perhaps in Conservative States? Added to which of course is that it’s the Republican States that are overwhelmingly passing new laws to disenfranchise PoC so that the Conservatives will ensure the majorities and regain the Government and keep it. Racism ran very strongly in the U.S. for a long time and has still not been eradicated. The reaction to the film just shows that many Christian Churches turn a blind eye and that there are no Constitutional violations in instances like these while there would be an outcry if the victims had been white.

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        • I think it would be hard to deny any of what you just stated given the evidence but I think you are making some assumptions given what you hear from the press. All of what you stated can be true and at the same time not be the agenda. Black people only make up 13% of the population here in the states and the media is somewhat hyperbolic in their reactions to issues of color (not in the content just in the level of reaction).

          This is to say that they are reporting police violations that are rooted in race abuse but they are failing to report on similar police abuse cases against whites that are clearly rooted in a growing “Police State”. Whites make up a higher percentage of the population and account for a larger number of cases that are being ignored by the media. I believe that if these cases were more public the police would be under more scrutinization and reform could move forward.

          Race abuse by police is real but a Police State against all is the goal.

          Just Saying

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