Philip K Dick Got Information From The Unknown And Used It To Save His Sons Life

  • Recap – Philip K Dick is the writer of:
    • Blade Runner
    • Minority Report
    • Total Recall
    • The Man In The High Castle
    • A Scanner Darkly
    • Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

After his dental surgery for an impacted wisdom tooth, the author received a delivery of pain medication. The delivery girl wore a Jesus fish around her neck, which in he perceived to be emitting a beam of energy. It was soon after this that he reported his mind had been invaded by another more rational and organized consciousness.  He described it as being insane all of his life and then suddenly becoming sane.

Where this goes from “batshit crazy” to “something real is happening here”.

The new voice in his head revealed to him that his young son had a fatal undiagnosed birth defect. The voice stated that his son needed urgent medical attention or he would die. Together with his wife Teresa, they took their son to the family doctor who heavily resisted testing the child since the test itself was dangerous and there was no sign the child had any defects. Eventually, they were able to force the tests which then confirmed the voice’s diagnosis and the child went into surgery for the overlooked birth defect.

The writer came to the conclusion that the voice in his head was an immortal part of himself accessing him from some other location.


He began having nightmares and visions, that lead him to a theory of a “Vast Active Living Intelligence System”. Many of his fictional books have produced factual future information about technology and the government.

Whether he is right or not on his theories of “where” he is getting this information, one thing is for sure, the information has made a number of accurate predictions. 

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  1. My wife sees the future but mostly the past. We stayed at an old BnB farmhouse this spring and she had been there in the past. Not physically, but she knew the place. She told the current owners about the old couple that built it, what the wall colors were previously, and how the old man died. They guys jaw dropped. He confirmed everything she said and pulled out some old photos and showed us everything.
    She also was talking to this doctor in the next town over. He had heard about her abilities and was mocking her just a bit and asked her about himself. She told him about his failed business venture and this is where it got interesting. She told him about an affair he had and the church tribunal he attended because if it. He was totally stunned. There was a lot more, but he admitted that she was right on the money with all of it. I see this first hand pretty regularly. Nothing is hidden from her really. Just have to ask. She has no view without permission, which I find odd.

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    • I’ve seen some of that kind of thing in a few people I’ve encountered. I didn’t buy it until It became personal…. now I can’t deny it.

      Such a strange reality we’re living in, all I can do is decode it slowly as I encounter it.

      The permission thing is odd, reminds me of getting access to user data when I’m working on desktops.



    • This is really stupid to even admit, you are going to laugh your ass off. When working with a cient who had developmental disabilities in Vancouver, he found out I believed in reincarnation. He quizzed me on it repeatedly, he wanted to know he was not stuck having developmental disabilities for eternity. I told him as best I could that his present being was just a physical condition, it could not exist beyond the grave. Of course he wanted to know what did survive, and I did my best trying to use concepts he might be able to understand. Impossible at the best of times. But he thought about it, and decided some part of him would survive, which actually improved his demeanor greatly. He became happy most of the time, not just occasionally. Then he asked me a question I was not ready for, a question even I could not think to ask. He did not ask how long he was going to live, or when he was going to die, questions I had heard before, especially from people trying to ridicule me. I never had an answer for them. But Dan, not his real name, asked me, When is my spirit going to be reincarnated? Say what? Where the hell did that question come from? But even worse, way worse, was why did I have a date pop into my head. June 14th, 2059. (That was not the real date, but it was something like that. And it came from somewhere.) It felt somehow right. So I told him. I was not trying to delude him in any way, lt seemed totally natural.
      But weird.
      Dan, however had other ideas. He wanted to find someone with a similar reincarnation date. He stuck mainly to people he liked, or did not like, but he wanted to know when others around him would be reincarnated. We would see someone, and he would ask me to know their spirit’s reincarnation date. He would ask a direct question, when would such and such a person be reincarnated. And if he used their first and last names, a date would come into my head. How? I never found anyone that had a date within 10 years of his, but mostly they were within a hundred year range, with a few a long way away, and one sooner than seemed credible. Whatever, if he asked, in his way, answers always came, except when he asked about me. No answer came to my name. Thankfully.
      So I tried something different. I asked a few other people to ask me the same question about someone, and no answer ever came. But when Dan asked, yeah, I always had one.
      No, I never recorded a date, why would I. Something like that could never be verified. But when the person with the near date was killed in a car accident, I refused to give him any more answers, even though they still came to me. It became too real! What was just a kind of parlour game became real. I had to ask for a transfer to a different client, Dan would not stop asking.
      And now I can tell you. My favourite author, across all genres, is Phillip K. DICK. I have not read everything he ever wrote, but I have read almost all his fiction, short and long. My all time favourite book is Do Androids Dre am of Electric Sheep? Blade Runner had little to do with Andoids, the book. The main character was not a hero, but an antihero. He did not love his job, he hated it. But those are my opinions. I also read all the VALIS books, but even they were more than I could suspend disbelief for. But, yeah, the story about his son is supposed to be real, and I know he believed it.

      Life is full of strange things. I have certainly had more than my share…

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      • You Stated — “Where the hell did that question come from? But even worse, way worse, was why did I have a date pop into my head. ”

        My Response — There is another guy that can answer questions without knowing where the answer comes from. He is shockingly correct and has described the experience in detail. It’s like his mind is just plugged into a source of information but he can only pull one type out.


        • He is amazing, but, a lot of autistic people are, if you can find their magical place. This is not to undignify Daniel, but to praise a whole hell of a lot of people. I am not one of them, as far as I know. Though, knowing that IQ is just a measure, depending on the test I have an IQ that stuns a lot of people. My favourite trick, though, at one point in my life, was to find errors on old IQ tests, and prove why they were wrong. But, being a long-haired hippie, no one cared. So maybe I am autistic, just I have never been tested for it. I think I function well for a lifetime rebel who exists on the edges of society. Laugh my as off.

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