Why Was This Man Killed For Jaywalking

I wonder out of all the ignored jaywalkers why this one had to be stopped and harassed, it’s a mystery.

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    Hello Lander7. This crap by out of control over hyper policing has to stop. It seems to me the larger police officer seen a well built POC and decided to bring them down some. To prove he was the more macho stronger / superior man. I seriously doubt any of this would have happened if the jaywalker had not been a person of color. The police today in the US seem to think of themselves as occupying authorities instead of a serve and protect service. They seem to feel they are an armed force of their own to be respected and obeyed with out question, or they respond with overwhelming violent force to maintain their authority over the masses. Hugs

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  2. The first time I came across the term Jay-Walking was when I heard it mentioned on an American sitcom when I was a teen. I remember thinking something along the lines that it was daft, and must be an American ”thing”.
    Even now it would never occur to me to not cross a road if I needed to get to the other side of the street, traffic or not, This is why we learned the Green Cross Code as kids.
    This action on the video strikes me as the epitome of the term ”Police State”.

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    • Jay-Walking is a very effective tool used against minorities to provide an opportunity for entrapment. It also reeks as a police state tactic.

      America is currently struggling with it’s new awareness of oppression. These things have always happened, there just weren’t any camera’s around to prove it.

      More and more people are becoming aware of what their options are in court so this is going to be an interesting transfer of wealth over the next few years until the police are restructured.

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    • What gave it away? The paramilitary uniforms, or the needless harassment and untimely death of our traffic “felon”?

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  3. Jaywalking is another BS traffic law used to fill the coffers — just like the “no right turn on red” even when the intersection is clear of vehicles and void of all pedestrians.

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