Some People Can Be Cured Of Incurable Illnesses By Lying To Them, But Nobody Knows Why

The Spontaneous Remission Project has a database compiled by the Institute of Noetic Sciences with over 3500 case studies in the medical literature of patients who have gotten better despite incurable illnesses.

Within the database, you will also find several medical cases where patients were given fake treatments, (a sugar pill, a saline injection, etc.) but responded as though they were given the real medication. They were cured of a sickness that could be measured and confirmed within their physiology by doctors. This is known as the “Placebo Effect”

Here’s where things get a bit dark:

There is also a negative effect that seems to work the same way in reverse called, “The nocebo effect”. In some studies, patients became ill if they found out that their treatment was fake (a placebo). Just knowing seemed to have a negative impact on their health. The sicknesses returned as if going back to a normal state in the absence of a lifesaving experimental medication.

What we know so far for when it works:

  • There is no scientific reason for it to work
  • The effect can’t be predicted
  • It doesn’t work on everyone
  • It works in absence of any real treatment
  • Fatal illnesses are cured after a convincing lie is introduced
  • Patients can become sick after being told the truth

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  1. This is the great trick of faith healers. It is your own mind the does the work.


    • Pills are faith healing? How so?

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    • I might agree it’s the mind but there is still no confirmation on what is causing it.

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      • I know a lady that was healed of chronic back pain in a dream she had with some alien being. In the dream they cured her, and she is still hole to this day. The placebo effect, belief that something is going to heal you, regardless of the belief, can heal you. A good portion of ailment originates in our heads, and that’s where it can be repaired. Spirit animals of Shamanism do the same thing. These types of tricks can be used to remove pain from phantom limbs as well as mental problems and addictions. Also, phantom limbs can be adjusted to a comfortable position using a fake leg and mirrors. Quite interesting how OBE, NDE, phantom limbs and astral projections are merging into one neurological field. They are all projections of self and can be duplicated in a lab.

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        • I find the whole thing fascinating but there is no proof it’s the mind just yet. To be honest I think the mind is our best bet for this but the ability to cure a fatal sickness makes me wonder if it’s more than just the mind since those are external at times, like (viruses, bacteria, etc.)

          As for what more is I would say we don’t know.


          • I don’t know the exact mechanism either, but when someone can be cured equally by a sugar pill as an faith healer, certainly leads me to think we are missing some untapped neurological powers we have right in our heads.

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          • You think Jesus might work through placebo meds as well as Facebook likes and prayers?

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            • This is like the conversation we had before, where what they are saying in religion may be the opposite of what is said in the bible.

              The placebo effect shows us that what you believe happens regardless of the environment.

              Hebrews 11:1
              11 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

              I would say to answer your question that they are the same.

              Matthew 9
              28 When he had gone indoors, the blind men came to him, and he asked them, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” “Yes, Lord,” they replied. 29 Then he touched their eyes and said, “According to your faith let it be done to you”; 30 and their sight was restored.

              From a secular view: What if someone discovered how the mind worked and then was able to use it more effectively. Would they seem to be as Jesus is described? Wouldn’t the people apply religion to it for lack of a better solution?

              From A Bible view: What if Jesus was correct and we are just catching up. What if belief is the key?

              At the end of the day using either understanding we don’t know how it works at least not in a way that is predictable. We just don’t know enough about this yet but for some it’s a life changer.

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              • The way the truth and the life? The claims are a perceived monopoly on truth, while early Christianity eliminated the tribal practices and sold it for a price. I’m not discrediting the abilities to manipulate our minds for the better, but I do have issues with the way it is controlled. The power was removed from individuals and placed in a corrupt system.


                • I am still more focused on the belief vs ability aspect.

                  In the placebo belief equals ability like in the verse I provided.

                  One could conclude, like you, that this is the mind or like religious people that it’s spiritual.

                  What I am proposing is that we may want to accept it as a factor of reality regardless of the source since it could benefit mankind.

                  Team A wants to know where it comes from, but I am on team B who just wants to know how to deploy it without resistance.

                  From my perspective Atheist and Theist are simply slowing deployment down.


        • You stated — A good portion of ailment originates in our heads, and that’s where it can be repaired.

          My response — You may be right, These new studies and the technologies being built on them almost seems like magic.

          Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke

          Where it gets strange is in the ability to cure fatal illness. If the mind can stop a deadly virus that science cannot, then we may be able to explain a lot of things that have happened throughout history.

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          • Hi Lander, and Jim,
            I have used my mind both to become physically sick, and to help myself heal. This will probably sound insane, but no matter, you can check my medical records, if you can find them.
            I was broken up from my then girl-friend, and future ex-wife, and I knew of only one way to win her back. She would not even talk to me, but I also knew she still loved me, and I loved her. How could I get her to talk to me, without me initiating the contact?
            A month later, as I was starting my vacation from work. I had a horrible night, not being able to sleep, suffering horrible dtomach pains. At abot 4 in the morning I walked two miles to the nesrest hospital, and went to the ER desk. Firteen minutes later I was in the operating room, having my appendix removed minutes before it would have burst. The doctor told me another give minutes and I would have been desd. The hospital, of course, notified my listed next of kin, who was my girlfriend. She was in my room when I woke up, crying her eyes out. In those day recovery time from an appendectomy averaged about 7 days. I was out of the jospital in three, and engaged to be married.
            Weird on all counts, right? Well, the surgery was real, and the healing was accellerated but also real. It was the cause of the sickness that was false. I remember planning the whole thing, waiting till I was on vacation, getting appendicitis, having the operation, the hospital making the phone call for me, and my girlfriend coming because she could not resist seeing me in my time of need. That part worked like a charm. The healing part was fast, I think, because I was never really sick, even though it was really dangerous. What I did not foresee was the illness feeling like a bloated stomach, or getting to the hospital so close to it bursting. I had jeopardized my own life, but in the end it was worth it. We were married for 7 very happy years. Then things changed.
            These were not the only times I used medical issues for my own purposes. I learned when I was very small, and used them till even 10 years ago. Not always intentionally, but I can look back and recognise the differences between real and fake illnesses.The mind is definitely stronger than the body.


  2. Interesting, Ive never heard of this phenomenon.

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  3. I maintain a page of information on a guy who was a healer in Wales…for 30 years (you don’t stay in business for 30 years if you are a charlatan). He wrote three books with case studies on what truly causes illness and healing modalities. Spontaneous remission of ANY disease is possible.

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  4. I have just nominated you for the “Sunshine Blogger Award”. Here’s the link:

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  5. Interesting information Lander:-) There has been done a study that suggest that placebo medicine can work when the patients are fully aware that it is indeed only placebo. I have watched a documentary about it. The shape and color of the pill matters. The pill must look convincing and effective for the disease it is supposed to cure. In the documentary many of the patients could not understand how they got well, knowing full and well that it was a fake pill. Leaving many of the participants frustrated when the study was over and they could no longer receive the effective sugar pill. Fake it until you make it?

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    • You Stated — “Fake it until you make it?”

      My Response — They say the human mind is, in reality, a fully functional quantum computer. One that we do not know how to properly use.

      The few quantum computers that we have built from scratch have done in moments what the entire species of man has taken 2000 years to formulate.

      I think what we are seeing is a hacking of the mind to get desired results. The hacking of wetware capable of controlling it’s container, (human body), on a cellular level.

      Imagine what we could do if we had a users manual for the human machine.

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      • Our brains are indeed a quantum computers. Have you come across any research regarding this? Thank you for your very interesting response. Have you heard about the quantum Robin that navigate with entangled particles (if I remember correctly)?

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        • You Asked — “Have you come across any research regarding this?”

          My Response — I did when I was studying AI.

          You Asked — “Have you heard about the quantum Robin that navigate with entangled particles (if I remember correctly)?”

          My Response — I have not but it looks fascinating, thanks!!

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  6. It is interesting to read my comments from a year ago and see how I have changed.

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    • I’m right there with you, change is a constant. It’s interesting to look back from time to time.

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      • But is it progress? Is there such a thing?

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        • You Stated — “But is it progress? Is there such a thing?”

          My Response — “Progress” seems to be a bit of an illusion or a type of polite lie. Change is really the only thing that is happening.

          When change lines up with what we believe or the outcome is positive then we made “progress”, but when change is uncomfortable we call it “disruptive”.

          I bet ants think they are continually making progress but dolphins on the other hand are living the good life. (Explore, eat, play, learn)

          Just a thought

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  7. And some people have been cured after experiencing hypnosis (say past life regression), or after having a near death experience (NDE). ❤️🦋🌀🙏☯️

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  8. Read Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.

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