Remember When Fake Snow Was Made From Asbestos And Kids Would Run Around Playing In It

Asbestos made of chrysotile, (white asbestos), is toxic and deadly but looks like white, fluffy snow.

Across America people used this form of asbestos to decorate trees, perform school plays, even on movie sets.

Family members who pass down antique holiday decorations could also be at risk since trace amounts of asbestos could still be covering them.

Asbestos exposure is the No. 1 cause of work-related deaths in the world. Approximately 90,000 people die from asbestos-related diseases globally each year. 

The movies, “It’s a wonderful Life” and “The Wizard of Oz”, both used asbestos snow.

What are you using?

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  1. Yikes – how much of that did we breath in and touch!! Pretty sure my mom used that in the 60’s on our livingroom window. Unfortunately – a similar issue has just come up. My son bought a tree with fake snow on it this year and his dog ate some and had to be rushed to the vet. I guess they are really dangerous to pets and toddlers and vet said there’s been a huge amount of very sick dogs (not all who make it) as a result. I guess we have a ways to go on the learning curve yet but glad this product is no longer around!!

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  2. I’ll never look at those two movies in quite the same way now! Ugh. Wonder how many took ill on those sets from being around that crap? 😢

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  3. Although sad to see the magic in those years could harm the actors it is nice to see that times evolve for good : )

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