Why Are These Kids At Gun Point

We can do better!

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  1. This is disgusting. How can it be that none of them recognized what they were doing was excessive, even if the car had been stolen, which it wasn’t? When they ask for license and registration, don’t they actually read it? All of them should do time for kidnapping, assault, weapons violation, child abuse, and more I can’t think of.

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    • “If you want to find out what a man is to the bottom, give him power.” –Robert Ingersoll

      Cops and politicians are especially vulnerable to abusing their powers. In fact, I’m inclined to argue that tyrants are attracted to positions of power.

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      • It certainly seems that way. My nice, quiet nephew-in-law recently became a cop. He now struts around like a game rooster. He stands different, lowers his demeanor to tolerate brief, meaningless conversation. Maybe not rooster, maybe alpha gorilla. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could be involved in one of these tortures.

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        • I have cops in my family also. That power can overtake them. You sometimes end up with a confused person walking a line between decency and brutality.

          The system is sick and needs to change. It has to many mentally unstable people in it or even worse… people with an abusive or hateful agenda.

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          • The military background has turned cops into soldiers and we’re so uncivil we’ve forgotten how to problem solve. Maybe with this new law and holding these officers personally accountable will be a starting point.
            Did you know there is a global love day and a national loving day? The latter celebrates a cool day in history. Just don’t gather together if your black lest there be a love riot.

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