There Is A Shocking Level Of Ignorance And Lack Of Facts (4 Of 10) Hear It For Yourself

How is it even possible for so many people to have so little understanding of the world the live in and depend on?

Final Words

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  1. Civilization has detached us from the natural world. Now we spend our lives deciphering interpretations of people detached from reality, which is incredibly simple.
    Ancient traditions around the world (though separated) had developed in kind by their utility. Now through detachment the world operates by beliefs, which, not even those who claim the same beliefs understand the other.


    • This seems a bit deeper than belief. They claim they believe their political stance in the beginning of the arguments but when pressed for facts it almost always comes down to immigration and a fear of losing racial majority control over an area.

      This seems like fear disguising itself as political justification. They use a belief in a political stance (with no facts by the way) to sneak in control over civil liberties for lower income minorities.

      This seems more like totalitarian Nazism to me. I think they are lying cowards trying to oppress people with mistruths against liberal agendas. Belief would indicate a lack of true understanding rather than what I see as deliberate, aggressive, manipulation of truth to promote an agenda of hate.

      Just a thought

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      • If you’ll excuse me here, “This seems like fear disguising itself as political justification.” Where is this fear coming from? Beliefs. I live in the middle of this type of crazy and hear it nearly every day.
        On the nature of this phenomenon, I defer to an expert on mass movements; “ In order to be effective, a doctrine must not be understood, but has rather to be believed in. A doctrine that is understood is shorn of its strength—If a doctrine is not unintelligible, it has to be vague. If neither unintelligible nor vague, it has to be unverifiable—Eric Hoffer
        You may not like it, but the USA is divided by beliefs. Cause numero ono! Unverifiable thoughts and dogmas that affect certain personality types so deeply it calls it to our attention and dominates the dialogue.

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  2. Maybe they should have thought it through before joining the EU.
    I like how you dodged that piece on belief to redirect it as a brittish problem.

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    • I see no reason to shy away from a belief talk (I quite enjoy them) but in this case the post is only about Brexit and, per listening to the video, I now have a clear picture of what is happening… (immigrant hate).

      There seems to be a fascist global movement and it’s either getting larger or it’s getting more push back. (to early to tell since I just started noticing it in the last few weeks)

      I honestly don’t think that these brits are acting on what they believed from politicians, I think they are mini Nazis hiding hate in pretend ignorance so they can abuse minorities down the road.

      This isn’t blind political faith, this is a blood lust for perceived superiority and control. If we were to compare it to the Trump movement then I would say we are looking at a future event where brits are looking to lynch people in the streets like they tried during the capital attack. I watched as they setup the gallows’ at the capital.

      Just saying

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  3. A six hour and sixteen minute video on British politics?

    Ain’t nobody got time for that! 🙂

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