Multiple Countries Are Opening Robot Sex Brothels And Prostitutes Are Warning The Public That It’s Making Men Crazy

A robot sex brothel is a place where people go to have sexual activity with sophisticated convincing human-like machines. They have some degree of AI technology and the advanced models can make facial expressions to react to the things a person says to them. They can also simulate body warmth.

Prostitutes are warning the media that these robots will damage people’s minds since real women give feedback and enhance the client’s ability to be intimate with another human being. A person who becomes comfortable with a sex robot is alienating themselves from healthy sexual experiences with real people.

They are saying that Sex Robots are:

  • Dehumanizing
  • Lacking authentic intimacy
  • Lacking two-way affection
  • Creating objects that people can mistreat
  • Promoting a lack of empathy

They are warning people that sex robots encourage violent behavior and rape mentalities. Turning the idea of sex into an abusive process with no consequences.

This may be the end of prostitution but what is it the beginning of?

Vienna opens its first sex doll brothel:

Germany opens its first sex doll brothel:

France opens its first sex doll brothel:

Russia opens its first sex doll brothel:

US trying to open its first sex doll brothel:

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  1. Would that be considered adultery?

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  2. Sick! I agree with the prostitutes – they shouldn’t do it!

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  3. This is what technology is doing and one day it will us over. Sad very sad.

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  4. This is hilarious. I can’t believe women are threatened by this.

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  5. Uh, Oh! this Pandora’s Box may best be left unopened. A human being’s long term happiness and overall health should matter much more than a mere “outing” with metal and wires. Just my two cents.

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  6. Yuck! I don’t agree with prostitution, but the sex robot craze isn’t right either.

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    • They will do what no church, parent, or government has ever been able to do. They will force young women out of this horrible profession of abuse. An Industry of sexual exploitation, drug addiction, and death.

      It begs the question… which option is sicker?


  7. Humans having sex with robots worries you? Wait till robots start having sex with robots. –

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  8. Visions of the Big Bang Theory and the electronic hand and the emergency room are coming to mind lol Robo sex seems sad, pathetic and laughable all at the same time. I had no idea it existed. One can only imagine the outcome when there are glitches – missing limbs may take on a whole new meaning LOL

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  9. The only thing stopping imagination from becoming a reality is the current state of technological development.
    Or, you can say science fiction becomes a reality once technological advancement is adequate to create it.

    Robot (or machine) sex has been around for longer than WE imagine – just not longer than has been imagined.

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  10. Just making the men crazy? Is there no male sex robots? Or maybe one that can serve couples? Where have you taken me today Lander7?

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