Meet The Man Who Predicted The Last 10 Elections Without A Need To Know The Candidates, Polls, Or Listen To Pundits

From 1984 To 2020, university professor, Allan Lichtman, has correctly predicted the last 9 presidential elections.

Where this gets interesting:

He doesn’t need to know much about who is running at all. He doesn’t follow polls, the pundits, or reports. He keeps it simple with just 13 Key indicators. If six or more are false then the leading party should change.

KEY1: After the most recent midterm elections, the leading party holds more seats in the House than the previous midterm elections.

KEY2: The current president doesn’t have a highly popular person within the same party running against him/her for president.

KEY3: The leading party candidate is also the current president.

KEY4: There is no popular third party or independent person running for president.

KEY5: The economy is not in a recession during the election campaign.

KEY6: GDP growth during the term equals or exceeds average individual citizen investment and or cash flow growth during the previous two terms.

KEY7: The current administration makes major changes to national policy.

KEY8: Zero consecutive social unrest events during the term.

KEY9: The current administration has no major scandal.

KEY10: The current administration has no major foreign or military failure.

KEY11: The current administration has a major success in foreign or military affairs.

KEY12: The current leading party candidate for president is very charismatic or a national hero.

KEY13: The challenging party candidate is not charismatic or a national hero.

Life is a mystery to everyone except the mathematician… to that person it’s just a matter of time ~ Alex Sutton

Spoiler Alert: He predicted Biden for 2021

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