Meet The Island That Kills People To Keep A Secret That No One Can Afford To Discover

Oak Island is a 140-acre privately owned island in Lunenburg, Canada.

It is the world’s longest and most expensive treasure hunt.

It’s also one of the world’s deepest and most costly archaeological digs.

And it’s one of the great mysteries of the world.

For two centuries this small island has defied multiple generations of engineering and technology to hide something mysterious. Here is what we know about Oak Island:

  • Something radioactive is buried
  • Mysterious unknown languages have been found
  • Strange lights have been seen
  • Materials from around the world not native to the island have been found
  • Dead bodies found that can’t be retrieved
  • Hidden underground rooms and tunnels that can’t be accessed
  • Engineering of an island that can’t be done today and can’t be bypassed successfully
  • Strange symbols connected to ancient cultures that, per history, have never been to North America

This is an honest modern-day mystery that has never been solved, no matter how many millionaires, engineers, scientist or simple hardworking people try to solve it. It has not only defied us but it has also killed people who tried to uncover it.

To bring you up to speed fast, here is the timeline that we know of:

1795Curious circular depression found in the groundTwo feet below the surface they came across of layer of flagstones covering the pit. At 10, 20, and 30 feet below they ran into a layer of oak logs spanning the pit.

1803 — At 40 feet a layer of charcoal was found. At 50 feet a layer of putty. At 60 feet a layer of coconut fiberAt 90 feet they found a stone inscribed with mysterious writing and a layer of oak logs at every 10-foot interval in-between. The first booby traps were found.


1804 — A new pit was dug parallel to the original down to 100 feet. From there a tunnel was run over to original pit. More booby traps were found.

1849 — The mechanics of the booby trap were discovered. At 98 feet the drill went through a spruce platform. Then it encountered what was characterized as “metal in pieces”. The conclusion was that they had drilled through 2 casks or chests filled will coins. 

1850 — Another parallel hole was dug but water began to rush in. They discovered that the beach was artificial. A drain system is discovered that resembled the fingers of a hand connected to the beach.

1861 — A new shaft was run to 118 feet. Again the water started to enter this pit. The bottom of the Money Pit dropped over 15 feet.

1893 — More shafts dug, pumped more water.


1897At 126 feet, wood was struck and then iron. Between 130 and 151 feet and also between 160 and 171 feet a blue clay was found which consisted of clay, sand, and water. A cement vault was discovered. A vault was discovered. Inside the vault the drill first struck wood, then a void several inches high and an unknown substance. Next a layer of soft metal was reached, then almost 3 feet of metal pieces, and then more soft metal. When the drill was brought back up attached to the auger was a small piece of sheepskin parchment.1899 — A second flood tunnel was discovered.


1936 — A discovery away from the pit was made nearby, a fragment of a stone bearing inscriptions similar to those found on the inscribed stone discovered at the 90 foot level of the Money Pit.1939  — Rocks and gravel at 190 feet were discovered. A layer of limestone was encountered and drilled through. The drilling brought up oak splinters.

Stone 1704 2

1959 — A rock with “1704” inscribed on it is discovered. 1965 — 4 people killed.

1966  — A hand-wrought nail and a washer found.

1967  — A pair of wrought-iron scissors and a heart-shaped stone were discovered. It was determined that the scissors were Spanish-American, probably made in Mexico, and they were up to 300 years old.

1970  — The remains of what appeared to be the original builders found. The findings included several logs 2 feet thick and up to 65 feet long. They were marked every four feet with Roman numerals carved in them and some contained wooden pins or nails. The wood has been carbon dated to 250 years ago. Also a pair of leather shoes were unearthed.

1976  —  At 230 feet northeast of the Money Pit artificial cavities were found. A camera lowered down to a bedrock cavity showed three chests, various tools, and a human body. A coin was found.


2014 – 2018 — A TV show was created to track progress on the pit excavation. Small bones, a stone with Portuguese carvings, and a Roman sword were found.

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  1. I’ve been fascinated by the Oak Island (mystery) treasure since I was a kid.

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  2. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of oak island. I look forward to learning more about it.

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  3. I genuinely value your work, Great post.

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  4. Just the other day, I noticed a story (on msm) that stated two guys had finally discovered the treasure. I was just about to click when… I saw the “ad” link in the story description.
    ***they almost got me.

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  5. As for the television show; that was one of those times, tv was used for entertainment.

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  6. I’ve seen the show, very interesting.

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  7. Great summary of Oak Island.

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  8. How fascinating!

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  9. I’ve had an on-off fascination with Oak Island for a while. It’s a very interesting place.

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  10. Reading all that information makes one want to go on a treasure hunt, or at least for a visit to this place. I will settle for watching what ever I can find on it. Interesting.

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