A Man Cleaned An Entire Polluted Lake By Himself With A Process He Created On The Fly

Marino Morikawa created a completely organic solution to remove pollution from lakes. His solution was able to fully revive an entire ecosystem.

Due to industrial waste, sewage, fertilizers, trash and excrement most freshwater sources could be destroyed in the coming years without proper cleanup.

In 2010, Morikawa took a break from school to clean up a Lake in the El Cascajo Wetlands. The water was a dumpsite for industrial waste and sewage, so most life in the area died off or moved on.

Morikawa was able to clean the water in 15 days using two new inventions: a nanobubbling system and biological filters. The tiny bubbles trap and paralyze bacteria, and the filters contain clay that retains inorganic pollutants.

Imagine what could be done by you or by you helping him?

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  1. That’s quite the accomplishment. What happens now? Get labelled a terrorist and sent to Gitmo?

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  2. We an do so much ourselves.


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