America Has Cemeteries For, “Whites Only”, To Protect The Dead From Black People

A Louisiana widow was denied a burial plot for her husband, a black sheriff’s deputy because it was a whites only cemetery.

She learned that day what many people of color across America already knew, some cemeteries are segregated.

Darrell’s daughter, Shayla, said the woman at the cemetery showed them a contract, which outlined “the right of burial of the remains of white human beings.”

His widow said she had only gone to the cemetery per her husband’s wishes since he wanted to be laid to rest close to home.

Once the media gets involved these hate machines claim ignorance of their abusive behavior and rush to make changes, but keep in mind that this was business as normal until they were exposed.

The fear and hate is so overwhelming that even the dead can’t escape it.

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  1. That is so sad 😌 Peace unto all and wisdom unto all 🙏

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  2. Sweet mercy! When did this happen?

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    • Since slavery started, it just keeps going on. Hate has no limit other than the human heart.

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      • Obviously it was common practice in the South, but is it still going on? As for racism, we’ve experienced it first hand. My husband is black. Not a big deal here in Canada, but another story in the U.S. When our kids were young we loved long road trips across America. At first we chose to dismiss racially motivated incidents. As they got older it became harder to shield them from snide remarks and lousy service. We don’t cross the border anymore.

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        • It still goes on, reducing at a turtles pace, and only because of legal blowback on a case by case basis.

          America is a great place but it has a lot of abuse habits.

          The tolerant suffer the intolerant (catch 22)


  3. It is a sad condemnation of America when they still insist on treating the black Americans like slaves

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  4. It would have never crossed my mind that something like this was possible in the year 2021. But I hate to say that I am not surprised. There is just so much power on the other side. And because of Willie Lynch, it is so difficult for us to get on the same page & ignite our own power against the injustice we face. ❤🖤💚🙏🏽

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