Time And Time Again

I have never been one big on the concept of time.

  • The present is too powerful an attraction for me to turn away from.
  • The past is full of lost ideas and limited understandings.
  • The future is a predictable mystery of known advances but unknown nightmares.

If time is real then we are near immortal in respect to our position within it but in the same respect we are finite in our existence or perspective of it.

Is time an opportunity, a prison or a journey?

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  1. Now. now… One day/minute/second…nano is all one has MHO. Apparently billions of years have lead up to this now…too mysterious! How’s your now now? I feel every one is loved. Who’s in my club?/… everybody.

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  2. I couldn’t play the video. Is it a shot from “Lucy”?

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  3. I thought Lucy was a good (sci-fi) movie. Yes sci-fi… but it isn’t just sci-fi, it was much more than that. To some who are willing and able to think outside the box.

    Time is relative.
    Time is a man-made concept.

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  4. Interesting musings. I wouldn’t change ANYTHING in the past, either.

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  5. One of my favourite movie.
    About that “time is a man-made concept”: I always thought that time is a God made concept for man, (“sign to mark seasons and days, and years”) so man could relate.
    It is not necessary the more knowledge (I mean extensively huge amount) we need but maybe insight and wisdom, to know how to use the knowledge we already have.
    Just a thought…

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  6. I’ve had glimpses of some of these principles of time, but they are fleeting moments. Absolutely interesting post—along with the links you linked. I do think what we have been conditioned to believe is not much compared to the ultimate possibilities associated with consciousness.

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    • Consciousness is a puzzle worthy of solving. It has the potential to solve so many problems.


      • Or to expand the moment of being. I don’t think we can get at it because it is so fundamental to our existence, what would you do with it if you found it? I think being aware we are all linked in this universe (the source?) would be a game changer to a completely new reality.

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        • You Stated — “what would you do with it if you found it?”

          My Response — I did hear about this, “slowing down of time”, experience from a number of people over the years. I found it somewhat impossible to believe and no one could offer me any way to reproduce it so I dismissed it as a freak event.

          One day it happened to me while driving down a busy road… an oncoming car moved into our lane and for a moment it was like everyone was moving in very slow motion, I looked at the oncoming vehicle, then looked back at the people in the back seat, then at the driver and reached over and turned the wheel to dodge the car. I had no rush of adrenaline… I was strangely calm.

          Afterward everyone was just shocked and wondering how I moved so quickly. I had thoughts about it but no way to verify them.

          If time can be controlled or is related to perceivable consciousness, then I would like to use it on a regular basis. I can find a plethora of things to do with that ability.

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          • My mother also experienced this when she was younger. (Found out later without her knowing about my experience)

            Genetics? God event? Consciousness burst? Time event?

            A mystery worth solving for sure.


          • No kidding. I responded to a multiple car MVC on I-90 and the scene was a mess. This driver of a black Jeep Cherokee was telling me all the things he did to avoid t-boning a car with children inside. At 180 feet per second there was no way he did all the things he said he did to avoid his potential part in the accident. It reminded me of your story. He had 10 seconds worth of maneuvering and weaving through the median, e braking and spinning his rig around, but he also noted the expressions on the kids faces when he was about to hit them. He was obviously in the zone.

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