Remember The 4 Billion $ Airport With A Talking Gargoyle, Killer Horse, Under Ground Tunnel Network, And Freemasons Time Capsule

When Denver International Airport opened on Feb. 28, 1995, the final cost was $4.8 billion dollars.

The Airport has a giant 32-feet-tall, 9,000 pound horse sculpture called Blue Mustang, aka the “devil horse” or “Blucifer”. Some also refer to it as the pale horse of the apocalypse with red glowing eyes. Part of it fell on its author Luis Jiménez in 2006, killing him.

The Airport has a huge underground network of tunnels for baggage transfers so big that speeding tickets are issued from time to time. There is an incredible 470,000 plus square feet of space below the Airport. More than 1000 employees work there daily.

They have a talking Gargoyle that comes and goes as needed.

They have a dedication stone provided by the Freemasons “New World Airport Commission”. The date of the airport’s dedication is March 19, 1994. Does 33 mean anything to you?

The Art is extra freaky. The more you look at it the more you find.

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  1. I’d visit, if it weren’t for the people.

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  2. So interesting! I’ve read a lot about the Denver Airport, and about all the hidden secrets that are claimed to be there. I believe it.

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  3. Oh, I don’t know – you covered it all very well! I liked the talking gargoyle, even though it was a pretty unusual type of entertainment.
    Those murals, though – so much violence depicted – was it because of the world’s terrible legacy of wars, or a future prediction to come. The whole airport is strange. I’ve never been there, though.
    What have you heard about Dulce New Mexico? That’s a strange place, too. We had the opportunity to move there for my husband’s job years ago, but turned it down. Kind of wish we’d gone there now. 🙂

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