10 Things I Learned When I Became Religious: (#8) We Build Churches For Bad Reasons

When I first became a believer the very next step (in my mind) was to find a church to attend. The first place you start is with your friends but you soon find out that they don’t all attend the same church. So, the question that came up in my mind was why? As you are about to see this is a fascinating and somewhat disturbing process of elimination which, in the end, leads you to what is commonly called (Your church home).

I will break these down in filters of elimination to show how a church is picked.

The first filter is an easy one, “Race”. Right off the bat, as a new believer, I was thrust back in time and introduced to “Segregation”. I personally thought that America ended segregation years ago but soon found that it was alive and well in churches.

The term “Black Church” came up and then later “Spanish church”, the first thought that comes to mind is (Do other races have a different belief?), the answer is “not really” but the reality is that all the racial problems in the secular world exist in the Church world at a much higher degree.

In fact, Sunday, is the largest day of segregation in the United States. O.o

The next filter is, “Belief”. I soon found out that I had to be somewhat granular with what I believed.

  • Dance or no dance
  • Music or no music
  • Sunday or Saturday
  • Trinity or no trinity
  • Baptize now or baptize later

Think of it as a house where the rooms are not connected (A house divided) but you still call it home. O.o

The next filter is “Feelings”. With the other filters now in place you are reduced to a pure level of, “How do you feel?”.

You go and decide if you feel comfortable with the people and the surroundings. Some people like opulence so the churches are very fancy. Some like a modern feel (young people). Some want to see people who are down to earth (not so fancy).

  • Are they nice?
  • Do they have good air conditioning?
  • How’s the parking?
  • Do they serve breakfast?

The last filter is what I like to call, the “Creepy Factor”. It takes about a week or two before it kicks in (1-month max).

They start to ask where you are when not in church, who do you associate with, how do you dress, what do you watch on tv, how do you eat, etc. To much private in your life Oo

One preacher talked about my financial information out loud during his sermon (along with other people’s names). Took me fully by surprise and I wasn’t pleased with the exposure.

I have concluded that church is the secular branch of religion. It’s designed to reflect who you are in society not change you to what scripture states.

If church were closer to what religion in the bible is then what would it look like?

Here is what religion is defined as in the bible:

James 1:27 
Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.

So a church would look more like a shelter for women and children.

But isn’t the opposite true? Aren’t most churches locked at night and empty?

I believe we got this one wrong and we need to do better. If we say we love God and we say we believe, then churches should be built to honor what religion is described as in the bible not a platform for narcissistic men to dominate weak minded people to promote segregation, oppression of women, child molestation, and the verbal abuse of homosexuals.

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  1. I haven’t attended a church in years. I worship in the privacy of home. If you can’t fit in anywhere else, you haven’t got anything lose!

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