A Man Provides Proof That Something Strange Has Happened To Society And Then Makes A Connection To One Of The Greatest Phenomenon Of Our Time

The man in the video pointed out something very strange that I hadn’t noticed before.

Basically, it goes like this (but watch the video because I’m not going to do it justice): He points out clearly the things we used to do as a society, just wasting hours of time. Tasks that took a great deal of time that most of us did daily, but now only take seconds with new technology.

But here is where it gets strange: With all the hours gained we are now running out of time to do things before the end of the day. ???? But this doesn’t make sense! We freed up a massive amount of time that seems to have created a deficit of free time.

I don’t know what to make of it, as far as the Mandela Effect goes, I’m not sure if a distracted society is influencing reality but what he points out in the video is very interesting.


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  1. I think people spend more time on games, social media, and ways to combat boredom nowadays. Time just slips away with nothing to show for it. When you build a fort you get 4-5 summers of fun. Win a video game…nada! Maybe some bit box full of phony credits to build your phony digital empire. Very little is real anymore. The fact is, you have all the time there is. What you do, kill it or make the most of it?

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  2. I would like to see the difference between the 50s and the 70s. I don’t think it would be this drastic as between the 90s and now.

    Maybe we have freed up too much time and we have a need to fill it in with more empty things and have no time left. No one notices the environment anymore at all because we have isolated ourselves with home entertainment systems, phones, and computers. Hanging out with friends is an event now…not an everyday thing…we text and email instead.
    It has changed the landscape because you have a society that wants and gets things now so nothing is special anymore…You don’t have anticipation because there is no waiting…we are making no new real memories daily now.

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    • You stated — “Hanging out with friends is an event now…not an everyday thing”

      My response — That’s so true, you bring up a great point.

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      • I work in IT and I think sometimes it’s gone too far. Our reality is fake in some ways. Do you believe any pictures you see anymore because of photoshop? Musicians using autotune to hit notes. Video manipulation…

        I’m probably thinking too much into it.

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        • You stated — “Do you believe any pictures you see anymore because of photoshop? ”

          My response — I think all pictures are real. I only question them if they are of something extraordinary. For those few I need more proof than just a photo.

          You stated — “I’m probably thinking too much into it.”

          My response — It’s ok, the world can afford a few people who think to much given how many people don’t think at all.

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        • Or CGI and special effects.

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  3. I don’t know how the Mandela thing applies but, time has sped up. Yes. It’s a product of the end if The Human Plan, the region of space we entered that coincided with the Mayan calendar reset, Universal energies, Earth herself… Time slowed to a crawl as we were working in the 7,000 year plan. Our solar system is in a bubble & the speed of light is slower in here than the rest of the Universe. Things are changing.

    This Mandela Effect…my group has touched on it but, we haven’t gleaned anything substantial, yet.

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  4. Just out of curiosity, do you have your comment section purposefully stopped at two-deep nesting?

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  5. Interesting. Your site stops replies at two. The WP reader has no blocks on replies.

    Sorry. Doing research…

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  6. This is crazy, in ways having all that bitesized may have been a good idea but in reality as turned into a bad idea. I have always looked at reality different to others and stated many things over time, but nobody cared to listen until something happened. Society changed more so in the last decade through different means, especially through reality tv and I noticed our climate began to change, such as the seasons again nobody cared. What your saying about time, in our youth is correct, we had so much to do and did but days were longer, now lol days are over and I said it for years it feels like our plain of existence as sped up, like our orbit moving faster like it reduced by half. Something very strange, but technology is distracting us all but with all the numerology and symbolism, hidden meanings in reality and the false history, we as a whole are being manipulated by those at the top. I stated few years back that because society and generations are now controlled fully, distracted even those that do remember, us! are viewed as bat shit crazy because we still observe and remember. What bothers me is what i see, I have a photographic memory and very clear memory of my life and what troubles I faced, bad times and those memories i created to be happier to escape crap upbringing. For my family is my sibling brothers, they believe in something totally different, this kinda change is scary, because I dont feel like I belong at all, isolated and lost. Everything the Mandela effect shows I know true ways of appearance through history, logos etc etc but to be in reality were others believe differently or not caring at all is very bizarre. This is definitely a fringe science event, that’s becoming the norm, and us of the past well, we are last of old generations they want to erase, like that fool Obama kept on stating ‘Change, Change, Change over and over in is speeches. We are in the midst of manipulation and a fringe science occurance to alter our minds and reality at the same time. Just maybe we are overlapping a different time and space, and maybe the sounds that was heard globally were ripples of this merge through magnetic field snaps of energy, we are in a new age of control, and the past doesn’t fit with todays narrative, history was a lie and now our memories are lies, false memories, confusion they say or to others. This is the grand scheme, to eradicate and control the future and generations through technology and frequency the very tools they created coming into full affect. End is nigh for old gen, new gen is here and programmed to not observe, and eat grass like sheep in the pasture, while the Shepard’s herd the masses. As a youngster i had visions, lots of de ja vu moments, dreampt very vividly, astral travelled in my sleep, had very strong connection to spiritual sides of life, very creative and came up with things i even see today, my minds eye was open and very powerful at young age but through death experiences, supplement contaminations, aerosol contaminants, medical industry things like this became jaded but yet I still remember what was and my memories both good and bad, I still question reality. Its like my mind is only functioning at 40% and other abilities are lost. Very uncanny that select few friends still remember my bizarity, Maybe this Change as been in the pipeline for along time, through fringe sciences MK Ultra etc and it’s coming to light, we breed and new future as changed through our dna, and their control of it, only thing that’s out of place is us. Once we go, The Plan is complete, Domination or cerebral mind.

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    • You Stated — “As a youngster i had visions, lots of de ja vu moments, dreampt very vividly, astral travelled in my sleep, had very strong connection to spiritual sides of life”

      My Response — Do you try to get back to that state or are you just living life now?


  7. Despite looking it up, I’m still not sure I fully grasp the meaning of the “Mandela Effect” as it pertains to time speeding up. But many of the changes that have taken place do remind of the lyrics from that Joni Mitchell song:

    Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?
    They paved paradise, put up a parking lot.

    No doubt, the industrial revolution instilled similar longings for a return to the “good old days” of agrarian living. In fact, many modern day preppers have actively embraced that lifestyle.

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    • You Stated — “Despite looking it up, I’m still not sure I fully grasp the meaning of the “Mandela Effect” as it pertains to time speeding up.”

      My Response — I would say the ME has no relationship to time. It’s more of an edit to reality (how? not sure)

      But the guy did point out something that I can’t deny. We did free up time with technology but we somehow have less free time.

      My guess is that we are loosing the ability to detect “passing time”, we may be “mass mesmerized”.

      Just a thought


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      • I think a part of the reason we feel we have less time — especially as it pertains to tech — is because we’ve been inundated with too many choices. Take phones, for example. In the past, your only choice was a landline rotary phone in black from your local phone company. Then they added touchtone and colors. Then wireless and built in answering machines. Each new innovation added more choices.

        Then came cellphones. At first all you could do was talk. Then they added texting. Then cameras and calculators. Then Internet and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. And each new option creates another decision tree: which carrier, which phone plan, which data plan, which phone manufacturer, which model, which OS, which version, which features (screen size, resolution, camera resolution, inbuilt memory size, charging options, etc.)

        Now lather, rinse and repeat for time wasted on making purchase decisions for computers, TVs, appliances, automobiles, etc.

        Sometimes more is truly less and less is more.

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        • Hmmm…

          So you are saying that all the choices are consuming the extra time.

          So the next step is to merge the devices into our bodies. This should free up time since we will become the source of the choices.

          I think


          • I suppose.

            Or you can take an inventory of all your possessions and get rid of the things that consume your time and energy to ley you focus on what really matters to you.

            “The things you own end up owning you.” ~Tyler Durden, “Fight Club”

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            • That seems a bit old fashioned. The future is more about becoming the machine, it is what will matter to us all.

              “we are facing an exponential threat. If you have a linear response to an exponential threat, it’s quite likely the exponential threat will win. That, in a nutshell, is the issue.”” Elon Musk


              • Call it old fashioned if you like, but I have no desire to join the Borg or become part of some dystopian future ruled by Skynet.

                And I seem to recall watching an interview in which Elon Musk expressed great reservations about inherent pitfalls of implementing full AI, so I view that quote as less of an endorsement than a warning.

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              • Not all of us. I will never want to “merge” with a damn machine. I’m already in a “machine”…a perfectly fine biological machine, designed to work with an immortal soul at the helm. Artificial intelligence is just that…artificial. Ones and zeros. It may calculate things faster than a person’s brain can but, it is still at the mercy of programming…by a person or persons. It can’t think. It can’t love. It can’t feel pain. It runs its programming. That’s it. Garbage in. Garbage out. It may “appear” to have human qualities but, it is pure simulation based upon lots of ones and zeros.

                No, thank you. Give me old fashioned. Give me REAL…not artificial.

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                • You Stated — “Artificial intelligence is just that…artificial. Ones and zeros. It may calculate things faster than a person’s brain can but, it is still at the mercy of programming”

                  My Response — I may want to clear something up about merging with technology;

                  The purpose of the merge is to avoid or surpass AI. We would not be merging with AI but rather merging with the technology that lends AI it’s ability to out preform human beings.

                  In other words, we merge to beat AI before it climbs to the top of the food chain.

                  The same you, but with a vast memory storage and retrieval system built in.


                  • Eh. Still don’t want to play.

                    I’m going for the “full soul human” route. I’m working on being what we are supposed be…or, what we were at one time. I think many millions, possibly billions in the future, of humans with all 53 dimensions of their soul in the body would make quick work of anything “artificial” (who do you think built the pyramids…or stonehenge for that matter…we did). That being said, we will need assistance from the Sidhe’ for the GMO damage. That wouldn’t be our forte.

                    Yeah. No thanks. You go ahead. I wish you luck, my friend.


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