Paris Installs Exposed Urinals In Tourist Locations For Men

Tourists visiting Paris will now see exposed urinals in some parts of the city.

The bright red “uritrottoirs” are an eco-friendly solution to stop men from peeing in public (but they are also in public O.o). There are no privacy shields on the units.

It’s called the “uritrottoir” public urinal.


The city of Paris has begun testing “uritrottoirs” which are filled with straw and can be used for compost within a year. They are also odor-free.


But this solution is making some residents angry. Some have even branded it discriminatory.

Gwendoline Coipeault of French feminist group Femmes Solidaires said: “They have been installed on a sexist proposition: men cannot control themselves (from the bladder point of view) and so all of society has to adapt.”. “The public space must be transformed to cause them minimum discomfort. “It’s absurd, no one needs to urinate in the street.”

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  1. This is hilarious. I really don’t care either way. But I do enjoy watching people argue over urination. What’s the difference between this and or breastfeeding, equality for all I say. Naked women in the streets and men relieving themselves wherever and whenever they feel the urge. Why not open air urinals for women as well though? Are they afraid men might stare?

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  2. I personally find the whole thing stupid. Why not just keep it private? (And no, I don’t think it’s like breastfeeding in public).

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  3. A bit disturbing and disgusting.

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  4. I don’t care, because I live far away from Paris.
    It’s not like they can drill holes in the roads for women to squat.


    • I can see not caring at the moment but imagine a world where this trend becomes very popular. Do you want one or two of these in your neighborhood park, in front of your schools, near your church, Just a thought.

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      • Definitely not. However, there are plenty of places in which men just urinate “behind a tree”. That was one of the arguments in Paris – turn a minus into plus. Yes, ideally we would not have people urinate wherever and whenever, but some do. So what would be the way to make it more elegant?


  5. Ah, Paris, Paris, Paris!

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  6. It’s Netflix’s Emily in Paris that made me aware of this. Also, I can’t help but wonder if red was the best colour for them.

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