The Strangest Movie I Have Ever Encountered

I came across a movie so strange that I think it may defy understanding.

The name of the movie is, “Big Man Japan”

I have no intention of watching the full movie but I have seen a number of clips from it and can easily say that its beyond bizarre.

I provided one clip that will not do it justice since none of the other clips have any bearing on this one. Just do a search on YouTube for “Big Man Japan” and you will see what I mean.

To be clear, I do not recommend watching this movie but I had to note how utterly insane it is. Japan has lost its mind.

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  1. Japan 🇯🇵 has such talented writers. Wow! Can I have my five minutes back now?

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  2. Nothing new there, Japan has always been a nation of radicals

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  3. I’ve never seen it. The strangest movies I have seen are: Bee Movie, Explorers, Muppets From Space, and Daddy’s Home.

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  4. Dear God…

    Japanese anime is some weird s***, too.

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  5. It’s beyond weird. I would never watch it. Japan has a sick view of God. Pitiful!

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    • You saw some religion in it, fascinating.

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      • Yes, immediately. It’s strange because I often sit and wonder about that very thing I saw on that clip: What if Satan had overpowered God instead of the other way around. What if Satan was the almighty one instead of God. Can you imagine our lives then? Can you imagine living in a world with no hope, no love, no forgiveness of sins? It would be Hell on earth; far worse than we can imagine! So, yeah. I saw that in that clip and I never want to see it again! SCARY!

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        • Oh, I see what you mean, you saw the hopelessness of mankind in the clip. I thought you saw something symbolic of a particular religion.

          I understand, interesting view point you have on it.

          As a Christian myself I didn’t see anything in the clip that made any connection back to reality. It just looks like a whole lot of money got thrown at a costume closet with no plot or character guidelines.

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  6. Video didn’t work. Not that I’m interested, anyway. The strangest movies I’ve ever seen were Cirque du Soleil (I hope I spelled that right) and Explorers. Although Explorers is definitely the less weird of the two.

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