Have You Ever Seen A Ballerina Dancer’s Feet

Ballet dancers feet take sustained abuse in footwear designed to offer the least level of protection.

  • No Shock Absorption
  • No Arch Support
  • No Foot-Comfort Features

Other sports athletes get to wear shoes that are protective and kind to their feet. Dancers are treated to the opposite reality, forced to wear tight-fitting torture chambers known as pointe shoes.

Popping painkillers is widespread. Some cover their feet in glue.

Those pink silk shoes hide a battery of injuries:

  • Black Nails
  • Purpling Flesh
  • Growths
  • Cracked Nails
  • Bunions
  • Black Spots
  • Numb Toes
  • Inflammation of Joints
  • Broken Toes
  • Scars
  • Hard Skin
  • Sprained Ankles

Ask which is the most painful ballet to dance and most will say “Swan Lake”

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  1. … and they still smile through every single dance routine.

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  2. I thought of redesigning the shoe they wear to be more protective. I bet some booties undertaken this task!! It would be good to do some more research … Maybe someone like Nike does the deed.😗 PS I Love ballet!!

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  3. They suffer for their art…that is for sure.

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  4. There’s always a cost and a compromise!

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  5. Why don’t they just redesign the shoe so that it is comfortable AND is kind to their feet? I’m glad I never went through with my temporary dream of being a ballerina. But they still go up there.

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  6. Watching them dance gracefully, you would not know the pain and discomfort they are suffering.

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  7. And my 9 year old granddaughter has wanted to be a ballet dancer when she grows up, since her first ballet class at 4 years of age! Ugh

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  8. So I was in ballet from age 5 to about 13 before I finally came to my senses and quit, lol. I was competent at it but never mastered it, although I did go on point for a few years toward the end
    before I quit, and I did hate it with a passion. I’m sure my being a novice at it contributed to that, but after I was on for a few years, the pain diminished. You actually do get used to the shoes, the pain, everything. And the better you get (which I wasn’t very, but did make some headway) the more the pain dims and the foot strength grows. But I definitely wasn’t hammered like the veterans and can’t even imagine the torture they go through, whether they’re used to the pain or not. I can’t imagine what design they could come up with to aid foot health but let the dancers keep doing what they do. It’s almost like you’d need an engineer for that.


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