Priest Slaps, Shakes, And Kicks Children For Service While Parents Line Them Up

Not all churches believe in love and kindness. A new movement of churches embracing a belief in pain over kindness.

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  1. I can’t believe any parent would allow their kid to be treated like that. Especially by a stranger!

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  2. I’ve read a few bios of Jim Jones and when his “church” was in San Francisco they would line kids and adults up and paddle them… How many red flags do people need to see before they think…hmmm uh no.

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  3. I guess now I can see why some would sell or abuse their children. Disgusting. 😭😭😭

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  4. I also reached out to a few friends and asked if they could explain this to me. My intuition say, no Godly man would do this. No priest. No one. Did you see that one boy? Totally scared to approach the priest.


  5. Looks as if someone took Jesus’ injunction to “suffer little children” in a whole different direction.

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