Remember How Sigmund Freud Was The Reason Cocaine Became So Popular

Cocaine was freely available over-the-counter medicine in the days of Sigmund Freud.

Cocaine was once sold as a cure-all by pharmaceutical companies. Sigmund Freud was paid to endorse the drug. He also received free samples for promoting the drug. He even wrote about the benefits of the drug for the scientific community.

He wrote about how it helped his work and to always keep it in supply. The work of course was the health and understanding of the human mind. Oo

Freud sent samples to other professionals, promoting it’s ability to improve mental clarity. The news spread through the scientific community and soon cocaine was being tested, (and used for entertainment), by just about everyone. Some loved it so much they died from it.

FYI: He later needed operations to unblock his nose.

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  1. The lure of the magical short cut to enhancing the mind, sexual pleasure, entertainment or whatever one lusts for. There are no short cuts, only commitment and dedication.

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  2. Crazy. Nowadays it’s just a little harmless energy drink that gets us going. And laudanum was legal. Remember that one? I just looked it up. I didn’t even KNOW the Bronte sisters had a brother
    and that he was a writer too. But he was addicted to laudanum and died young at 31.

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